Andres Fernandez

Andres Fernandez
Premium Instructor

Miami, Broward
Florida – United States
Salsa Casino (Cuban-style), Salsa LA (basic), Salsa On 2 (basic), Bachata (basic)
All ages
$100/hour lesson
Online Payment
Credit Card [COMING SOON]
Offline Payment
Cash, Check
Credit Card
+1 (305) 969-3522
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    Andres Fernandez
  • Andres Fernandez, born and raised in South Florida with Cuban parents, started dancing and studying Casino intensely at the age of 14 and has run multiple successful Casino dance studios since, instructing both students and other Casino instructors alike.

    Certified by the World Salsa Federation and the Casino Para Todos Foundation. Performed alongside famous Timba band Los Van Van, member of Kinds Dance Company, and choreographer in the Casino style.

  • $200

    1-Hour Class: 2+ couples

    Group private lessons to 2 or more couples (one hour lesson each).


    10-Class Pack: 1on1

    10 private lessons package (1on1-one hour lesson each).


    20-Class Pack: 1on1

    20 private lessons package (1on1-one hour lesson each).

  • Payment
    Payment is made in advance.
    Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance.
    Rescheduling must be made 24 hours in advance.
    No refund policy, unless instructor has been unable to meet client's availability schedule.
    Credit lesson is permitted.
    Transferring lesson is permitted.
    Gifting lesson is permitted.
    Video recording
    Video recording is allowed during dancing, not instructing.
    I understand things happen, so I am lenient with punctuality by 15 minutes.
    Personal hygiene
    Personal hygiene is important as this is a contact dance.
    Dress code
    Dress respectfully and wear shoes that you would normally go dancing in.
    The instructor may bring a companion if he feels it will help the student results.
    If parking is to be paid at meeting site, client must cover such costs.
    Group lessons
    Private group lessons are allowed however for a different rate.
    Sound system
    Instructor will bring small speaker but will be able to hook up to any larger system provided.

Andres Fernandez:

Member Since: October, 2015

Last Update: September, 2017

Tags: Salsa, Bachata, Miami, Broward

Andres Fernandez - QR Code
Andres Fernandez - World Salsa Federation
Andres Fernandez - Casino Para Todos

Andres Fernandez - QR Code

Andres Fernandez - World Salsa Federation

Andres Fernandez - Casino Para Todos


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